Scholarship Funds

A number of our donors have a big heart for youth and have directed that their funds be used to further educational opportunities. Each year Legacy provides thousands of dollars of scholarships to deserving local students.

Legacy currently manages the following scholarships:

  • Beverly Lawson Women’s Athlete Fund
  • Duke Snider Scholarship Fund
  • Michael Pancner Memorial Scholarship Fund
  • Ridgecrest Family Endowment Fund
  • Roberta Collister Scholarship
  • Wright and Jessie T. Yount Scholarship
  • Juanita Walden Scholarship
  • The Richard and Mary Jane Weeks Scholarship Fund

If you are interested in starting your own scholarship fund or contributing to our general scholarship fund that pools the generous contributions of individuals to help deserving students in North San Diego County afford post-secondary education, please contact us at [email protected]. This embodies the phrase “there is power in numbers” as we bring our collective resources together to make a big difference.

We invite YOU to contact us to learn more about benefiting others in perpetuity, fulfilling lifelong dreams, reimagining a better future, and leaving a legacy of care.

What Our Students Say

"It's beautiful in La Jolla, and it's been so fun getting to know the area, from snorkeling, to hiking and exploring San Diego. My GPA is around a B+/A-, and even though it's been much more challenging than high school, I've thoroughly enjoyed it. At the end of this quarter, I'll have taken 11 classes, including 6 that were beyond general education requirements. It's been a really great experience getting to work on major relevant classes so early, and it's keeping me very excited for the future. I couldn't have had any of these expereiences without [scholarship] support, and every time I think about this I'm just filled with gratitude. The gifts you've provided can never be repaid, but I hope to pass them along in my future, to give other seniors the same opportunity I was given. Thank you so much for the support. It means more to me than you will ever know."

- Kaithlyn Callagher, recipent of a Beverly Lawson Scholarship for Women Athletes




The Richard and Mary Jane Weeks Scholarship Fund

The Richard and Mary Jane Weeks Scholarship Fund supports young men and women wishing to obtain engineering degrees through enrollment in a four-year college. Longtime Fallbrook residents, Richard and Mary Jane chose to support outstanding, well-prepared students who are eager to enter a difficult field; one completely understood by Richard Weeks, who was a nationally known petroleum engineer.

Beverly Lawson/Pala Mesa Women’s Golf Club Scholarship Fund

This fund was created by Beverly Lawson’s son, George Lawson, in loving memory of his mother’s athleticism and joyful discovery of golf later in life. She was a member of the Pala Mesa Women’s Golf Club, an avid player, and a firm believer that golf builds character and self-confidence. Scholarships support young women golfers participating in their local high school programs and/or school-organized athletics in general.

Duke Snider Scholarship Fund

Created by daughter Pam and son-in-law, Darrell Chodola, this fund is now available to help graduating students of Fallbrook, Bonsall or Mission Vista High Schools. It seems fitting for a person who had giving back and promoting athleticism often on his mind that the Duke Snider Scholarship Fund will help students who are intent upon a higher education with an extra measure of financial support to reach their goals. Throughout his life, Duke was always “giving back” to help others, but it was in the last season of his life that he became a great supporter of Fallbrook baseball and all athletics in the area in general. High school games, tournaments, fundraisers, event committee planning, 1:1 coaching sessions, all become important avenues for Duke to generously share his time, wisdom, and experience. Even today, long after his passing in 2011, fond stories continue to be told about things he did on his own, so often under-the-radar, to help young athletes whether it was taking carloads of kids to big games, going off on wonderful and unexpected excursions, or hosting birthday and student bowling parties at Duke Snider Lanes. He lent his gravitas, voice, gentlemanly ways, celebrity, and code of conduct to others, helping shape the future for others who would come after him.

Michael Pancner Memorial Scholarship Fund

Michael Pancner Memorial Scholarship Fund was created by Mary and Les Pancner in memory and honor of their son who was attending Humboldt State University at the time of his passing. This scholarship honors those students graduating from Valley Center (Valley Center) or La Costa Canyon (Carlsbad) high schools and attending Humboldt State University.

Ridgecrest Family Endowment Fund

The Ridgecrest Family Endowment Fund was created by Laurenn Barker and her brother, Sandy Prater as an incentive to encourage youth to stay on a positive path through high school toward college. The Ridgecrest Family Endowment Fund developed the “Rising Star Award” that recognizes those outstanding North County Boys and Girls Club youth that excel in being positive role models by their exceptional community service, academic improvement, peer mentoring and leadership abilities. Any award monies are kept in a savings account in the award winner’s name until they are enrolled in a college where the funds will be dispensed in their account.

Roberta Collister Scholarship Fund

The Roberta Collister Scholarship Trust. A widow, having no children of her own, Roberta Collister set up a trust for the purpose of providing scholarships for the pursuit of higher or advanced education for deserving students who graduate from the Fallbrook Union High School. The scholarship committee awards scholarships according to scholastic excellence, financial need, extra-curricular and community activities, educational objectives, and preferably at least one grant per year will go to a disabled student. Roberta Collister was a long-time Fallbrook resident, avid car enthusiast and a generous and dedicated supporter of higher education.

The E. Wright and Jessie T. Yount Scholarship

The E. Wright and Jessie T. Yount Scholarship assist’s graduates of the Fallbrook Union High School. The committee makes the awards to those individuals who not only shine academically but want to pursue a career in Medicine & Health, Computer Science, or Environmental Studies.

The American Association of University Women (AAUW) of Fallbrook Scholarship

The American Association of University Women of Fallbrook Scholarship recognizes and supports young women who excel academically and are enrolled in a four-year college. The AAUW is a national organization that promotes equity for all women and girls, lifetime education, and positive societal change. Working closely with AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination), these two organizations help young women realize their tremendous self-potential, producing confident, outstanding, well-prepared young women eager to enter the university world. The Fallbrook Branch AAUW Scholarship selection committee determines the recipients and the dollar amount of scholarships awarded. The committee considers the following factors and has sole discretion in determining the weight to be given to any factor:  scholastic excellence, financial need, extra-curricular and community activities, and the educational objectives sought by the recipients.