Leaving a Legacy with Confidence

Leaving a Legacy with Confidence


When thinking about leaving a legacy, sometimes gift planning late in life produces thoughts of anxiety and worry for people. Not only do they want to leave a legacy for others that reflects their life values, but they also want to sustain their current quality of life and prepare for the unexpected. They want the satisfaction of being able to pay it forward in creating a better world for future generations. At the same time, living in the here and now on a fixed income may not seem to present them with a legacy opportunity.

Fortunately, there are ways of planning for and leaving a legacy that provides contributions to the causes you care deeply about while still ensuring dependable income in your retirement years. Charitable Remainder Trusts (CRTs) are a top option, especially for couples who want to provide an income for themselves or their spouse. When a CRT is funded with cash, securities, or acceptable property, Legacy Endowment agrees to pay you and/or another beneficiary of your choosing a fixed amount each year. Upon death, any remaining balance is used to support causes you care about in perpetuity. This type of donation offers the security of regular payments for life while you are living, as well as a variety of tax benefits. Annual payments depend on your age at the time of the donation.

Using such giving planning can often offset the capital gains of selling appreciated stock, rental, or private property while simultaneously locking in a fixed income for life. Deductions and calculations will vary, of course, depending on personal circumstances, so you should always seek the advice of your financial or legal advisor. Legacy Endowment works with the region’s leading advisors every day, and our staff is ready to help you set up a CRT so you can leave a legacy confidently, without compromising your own needs in the present.

Legacy Endowment is a North County San Diego regional resource for helping people create giving plans to benefit beloved charities, pet passions, community projects, or to distribute scholarships and advance special projects. We invite you to learn more about our highly personalized approach to planning your future charitable intentions. Together, we can create a lasting legacy customized to your wishes.⠀

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