2024 Grant Cycle

Grant Applications Now Open

Legacy Endowment's 2024 Grant cycle is open and accepting applications through July 31, 2024. For Nonprofit Reps, contact Angela Calderon for questions or guidance in filling out your application: [email protected] or (760) 941-8646. Below you'll find a slide show that highlights the two funds accepting applications, each with specific guidelines for the types of projects they fund, found in bold in the fund description. Please use the arrows for navigation.

Legacy's Mission

Our mission is to improve the quality of life in our communities by empowering individuals, families, businesses, and our charitable partners to realize their philanthropic dreams now and for future generations.


Legacy Endowment Community Foundation, located in the beautiful Bonsall area of California, is a nonprofit organization established in 1994. The Foundation was established to preserve and enhance the quality of life for the communities it serves for generations to come. It facilitates philanthropy for individuals, families, businesses, nonprofits and other organizations. The Foundation serves donors, awards grants, and provides community leadership for those living in the North County San Diego area.

“Those of us who witness the degraded state of the environment and the suffering that comes with it cannot afford to be complacent. We continue to be restless. If we really carry the burden, we are driven to action. We cannot tire or give up. We owe it to the present and future generations of all species to rise up and walk!"


Iconic is a word often associated with someone who has become the symbol of an enduring stature of life accomplishments. It’s a word that best describes Roy Ansell. The bedrock of such iconic stature starts with Roy’s life, shaped by the 36 years working for Alcoa with decades of international travel providing him with a macro-lens of a larger world. It also came from decades of Rotarian service modeling “service above self." And, as important, it came from 63 years of marriage to Joyce and bringing up their children, Lindsay, Adrian, and Michelle. Longevity meant everything to Roy.

Our community lost Roy Ansell in 2014, but his legacy of donor intention carries on through The Ansell Family Fund, which provides a blanket of support for the community he loved with access to – in perpetuity – grants that support programs/services for veterans and his beloved sport, Rugby.

“So here we are. We need, in the next twenty-five years or so, to do something never before done. We need to consciously redesign the entire material basis of our civilization. The model we replace it with must be drastically more ecologically sustainable, offer large increases and prosperity to everyone on the planet, and not only function in areas of chaos and corruption, but also help transform them. That alone is a task of historic magnitude, but there is an additional complication: 

We only get one shot... fail to act boldly enough and we may fail completely. "


Elizabeth Wilson made a huge and lasting impact on the community she cared so much about through the establishment of this endowment. Each year the fund produces earnings that support three charities that were close to her heart: Cabin by the Lake which builds handicap accessible cabins in popular campsites so ALL family members including those with mobility issues can enjoy all of what southern California’s nature has to offer; The Elizabeth Hospice for its services that enhance the quality of life for those nearing the end of life and programs help those who will grieve; and Sanford Burnham Medical Research Institute for their world-class, collaborative research that is dedicated to discovering cures for humankind’s many devasting diseases.

Above and beyond helping these three charities, Elizabeth Wilson also recognized that the needs of her community would evolve and change over time. She cared deeply about her senior citizen friends and disabled neighbors, but she recognized she couldn’t possibly know what new opportunities and innovative plans might present themselves in the future. She asked Legacy Endowment to help continue her legacy of philanthropy by finding and assessing impactful and ever-changing programs that would enrich the lives of these two demographic groups.

How to apply

The applications are included below.

Please read the application in its entirety to ensure your organization meets the qualification requirements for the grant before submitting an application.

Contact Angela Calderon, Associate Director Programs Director by email at [email protected] if you have questions or need guidance in applying for a grant and/or to determine which grant application would be appliable to your organization.

Ansell Request for Funding Application

Wilson Request for Funding Application

Please be sure to include ALL the following required information for consideration:

  • Program description (No more than two pages)
    • What is the nature of the program? Is it a project or a program?

We would like to emphasize the importance of being specific in your program description. Being too vague or your program being too broad of a scope can affect the determination outcome of your application.

    1. Who will benefit from the program? Include the geographic area served and target population.

Include the geographic area your program or project will serve and your intended target population. Again, be specific, programs that are too broad in their reach or don’t fall into the category criteria of intended target can lead to an application being overlooked or denied.

    1. When will the program begin and when will the program end?
    2. How will you know the program was a success?

It is important to show how your program will have a measurable amount of success utilizing the funding you are seeking; this is important so Legacy can show how the grants that were given are accurately serving the community and people.

Please NO 2-sided pages and keep your completed report to less than 20 pages. Include the following: 

  • Program Budget
    • What is the total cost of the program?

Be specific with how funds are to be used, detailed Expense and Budget information.

  • What portion of the program cost are you asking LECF to fund?

Again, be specific about how the funds will be utilized. A specific description of how the monies will be used, and tracked, with an accounting of expenditures that will be reported back to Legacy Endowment.

  • Organization Information- Legacy would like to know more about your organization
    1. A list of board members.
    2. Most recent organizational financial statement and recent tax return.
    3. Include any Brochures, Annual Reports, Press Clippings or other information that demonstrates your organizational capacity. Please limit it to five items.
  • And lastly, a written commitment as to an organizational commitment to participate in current and/or future stewardship activities conducted by Legacy Endowment to inform donors who made Community Fund gifts how their contributions were used.

What happens next?

Completed requests returned to Legacy Endowment that meet the grant requirements and have submitted a completed application with ALL required supporting documentation, are then presented to our grant committee.

The grant committee will take about 2 to 3 weeks to individually analyze and review all applications. A date is then set for the committee to meet to decide which non-profits are awarded grants and the amount of each grant.

The non-profits are then notified of the grant award and are given an agreement to sign. This contract acknowledges the amount of the grant, the conditions under which Legacy Endowment expects you to keep and use the grant monies, and the conditions under which they must return the grant monies if the criteria is not met.

All non-profits that aren’t awarded a grant are sent a letter thanking them for their time and interest, explaining the committee’s reasoning to decline the opportunity.

All non-profits are encouraged to contact the Program Officer for any questions or concerns at any time during the application process.