2022 Stewardship Report

2022 Stewardship Report


Legacy giving provides purpose and meaning to your life. Our annual Stewardship Report features donor stories and special information about those who were “Envisioneers” of a future that could be made possible by their dreams, hopes and aspirations. Legacy giving is the ability to maximize charitable impact long after your lifetime. We extend high fives, thankful hands to our hearts, tip of our hats, and hearty salutes to those who have taken this incredibly important step.

Whether choosing animal rescue, land conservancy, healthcare, research, spiritual needs or improving the quality of life for disadvantaged children and seniors, these individuals saw beyond a current set of circumstances to imagine a future for others as they would wish it to be. Some people call this “paying it forward” or “passing it on” by helping others long after we are gone. Through Legacy’s deep commitment to Connecting People with Causes that Matter, we support every individual’s imagination to visualize a future that is filled with compassion, helping to uplift a community beyond what can be seen today or predicted for tomorrow.

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to improve the quality of life in our communities by empowering individuals, families, businesses and our charitable partners to realize their philanthropic dreams now and for future generations.